Aspen family at risk, but nobody’s listening |

Aspen family at risk, but nobody’s listening

I live immediately downhill from the proposed Celestial Land Co. site. As a result of the variances they have been granted, my family and I have been put directly in harm’s way and no one seems to be willing to hear me out.

Celestial’s project is being built in the middle of a debris flow fan. Their mitigation uses concrete walls to collect and funnel the debris flow into a deep and steep concrete channel. This catchment system will greatly increase the volume of debris and then the channel will increase its velocity. At the end of the channel is a debris basin, which they intend to fill to make a water feature or pond. This, of course, defeats the purpose of the basin.

My house sits directly below this basin, which puts me directly in harm’s way. I spoke up at the end of the public hearing of the Pitkin County Board of Adjustment after the chairman started the hearing quoting a statement made by the Celestial’s group that made the front page of the one of the Aspen papers describing my home as being massive and able to be seen from space with my red roof. Then they allowed Celestial to pitch the variances they were seeking and denied any rebuttal information stating they didn’t have time to look it over and disallowing statements.

They also “guaranteed” me that Celestial’s and the Pitkin County engineers have extensively studied the site and can control Mother Nature’s fury during a catastrophic event. To me, it seemed like they had made their decision before the hearing began and saw the public comments as a nuisance.

My issue is real and it puts my family at risk. Celestial has done a good job of protecting their house. But in the process, they have created a life safety risk for me and my family. It is frightening to me that no one seems to be listening.

Jason Ludington