Aspen elitism disappointing |

Aspen elitism disappointing

I’ve rented in Aspen for two months for the last three summers. I’ve met people at a small dog park, chatted with people at Maroon Bells and at the grocery. Regular folks who come to hike and bike and enjoy the beauty.

Seeing two headlines on the same day is stupefying: highest incidence of positive COVID-19 cases in the country while simultaneously removing mask mandate. Many of the people I met rent homes for short periods because that’s what they feel comfortable spending.

I’ve been on the bus to Maroon Bells countless times. Don’t see bikers not following rules of the road. Are e-bike renters really inconveniencing the people with custom bikes? Taking a course on the rules of the road is insulting. We are fortunate to be able to spend two months in what we regard as heaven, but it seems that your new policies are designed to discourage visitors who don’t fly in on private planes.

Aspen is saying, “Don’t come here if you cannot afford to stay longer than 30 days, and you aren’t sophisticated enough to take a rented e-bike up a mountain.”

You want to eliminate the riffraff. It’s disappointing.

Alice Jarcho

New York