Aspen councilman must go |

Aspen councilman must go

A serious issue needs to be addressed. It is time for City Council and the people of Aspen to demand professionalism and a better balance of perspective from its council members. Skippy Mesirow has continued to operate against the very intention of holding such an important and valued position.

On top of Skippy’s rant last year about tourist traffic, he has now posted an inappropriate picture on social media comparing Republicans/Maga to Confederates and Nazis. Regardless of one’s political views, this is not appropriate nor is it in the spirit of serving the community and ensuring safety. As a taxpayer (and speaking on behalf of my fellow tax payers), we are outraged that you allow his personal agenda and values to cloud the objectives of what he was elected to do. The residents of Aspen should not be subjected to a council member’s personal political agendas.

His repeated and flagrant posts/rants have rendered him unprofessional, incompetent and insubordinate to the over arching objectives. By not removing him, or asking him to step down, taxpayers find this to be a tacit approval of such behavior.

Please recognize and remember that the efforts and agendas of holding a position on City Council can and should, be expected to maintain professionalism with a better public balance of pertinent issues. It is time to reel in and dismiss those that flaunt flagrant personal and inaccurate agendas.

Jillian Corbett


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