Aspen councilman gets his ‘right people’ wish |

Aspen councilman gets his ‘right people’ wish

Recall, our self-appointed diversity councilman Skippy Mesirow was caught in a December Instagram post saying, “It’s time we have the conversation about too many people in town at peak season and they are not the ‘right people; and even if we have to take a little bit of a haircut on our income, which I certainly would, it’s worth it for quality of life and the character of our town.”

Of course, he was simply caught expressing the disdain so many locals feel toward those that support our community and make it possible for us to live here.

So, Skippy, you now have what you wished. Of course, you didn’t wish for COVID-19 to infect our valley. However, this is what it’s like when the “wrong people” aren’t using our streets and only the “right people” remain. The “wrongs” are no longer filling our shops and businesses, paying our salaries and the taxes that fund our large city government and our subsidized housing. The “wrongs” have stopped building those large and expensive homes we build for them. We are going to be dead broke, unemployed and unhappy.

Why are these the wrong people, Skippy?

Me, next time I see a Range Rover or Mercedes SUV in town, I’m going to smile and wave and hope they stay and spend lots of money. They make it possible for me to live here.

David Fields


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