Aspen council not all there with vacancy tax |

Aspen council not all there with vacancy tax

A message for our newbie social engineers, Torre, Skippy Mesirow and Rachel Richards, do really want the Aspen of July and August to exist year-round?

A vacancy tax is not a new idea but it is a terrible one that has been previously rejected. The oracle of all things best for Aspen, Mayor Mick Ireland, once considered the concept and rejected it. Even in his vision (i.e., a scheme of social organization), there was recognition that having a group of property owners who duly paid their taxes but by their absence did not impact either the infrastructure of the community or the environment of the valley was on balance an asset.

Wasting time, considering this repugnant and bogus concept, that there is a societal obligation to fully occupy any residence, only emphasizes how misguided and rudderless is this incantation of City Council. Rather, Torre, Rachel and Skippy, a better use of your time would be writing and polishing your resignation letters or concession speeches. That will put you back in touch with reality.

Neil B. Siegel