Aspen could use Indian restaurant |

Aspen could use Indian restaurant

Do you want a delicious Indian restaurant in downtown Aspen? I believe that this cuisine would do spectacularly well in our city because of the magnificent food culture. I did a study on how many people would like this type of outstanding food here. Having an Indian restaurant in Aspen would bring a different circle of people to enjoy the wonders of our gorgeous town. The frequency of how often people would eat at this restaurant shocked me!

Of the people I interviewed, 89.5 percent said they’d love an Indian restaurant in our town. People also really wanted to go to this restaurant very frequently; the average was once a week, which astonished me. People were very nice when I was interviewing them, and they were very intrigued about this idea.

Aspen has a lot of restaurants from everything like Italian to Chinese to Mexican, but I have to say there’s no Indian restaurant. Opening this type of restaurant would be more than just a good hole in the wall. It would bring more spiritual awareness to our community. It will also bring a larger variety of people. The Indian culture is something amazing and I hope it will get passed on to the people of Aspen.

Indian food can have its ups and downs. Not everybody loves ethnic food because of its strong taste, but naan, a splendid bread, is for everybody. It has a mild flavor but is still very yummy. Something like curry is very strong and savory. My point is, there is something for everybody in a marvelous Indian restaurant.

I believe that everything about an Indian restaurant would do wonders for this town. It would bring a whole new crowd of lovely people to Aspen, as well. We also need to think about how exceptional Indian food tastes. Finally, we can’t forget how much people already crave it. That’s why I believe that an Indian restaurant would be incredibly popular here.

Miles Butera