Aspen City Council’s bridge problem

For decades the entrance to Aspen has pitted those who live east of the S-curve (who have votes) against everyone else. The S-curve insiders resent people or cars that aren’t they or theirs (until they need a plumber, roofer, carpenter, limo driver from downvalley). It’s been a culture war between the privileged 1% (those lucky enough to live in Aspen) and the great unwashed.

Suddenly, however, it’s a safety issue. An economic issue. Aspen’s economy relies on one bridge built almost 60 years ago. Whether engineers tell us it’s marginally safe or not, what will happen on the day those or other engineers show up and declare the bridge unsafe and ban traffic?

City Council was farsighted in arranging for water rights and a reservoir to supply Aspen in case of emergency. What are they doing about the bridge?

Maurice Emmer