Aspen City Council takes bold stance |

Aspen City Council takes bold stance

As Christmas is approaching and the guests are rolling in, I would like to extend a big thanks to the Aspen City Council and Mayor Torre for unanimously voting for two ordinances that actually benefit the locals, not the Roaring Fork Valley /Western Slope or the second-home owners, but the true locals who actually live and work in town. Thanks to this, the traffic in and out of town would be reduced, the streets would be passable and quality of life could improve a bit. It probably will not solve the housing crisis, but at least would not add to it.

The biggest outrage against these decisions are coming from realtors and people who live out of the Aspen City limits. I’m grateful this holiday season that the City Council had the guts to listen to the people who actually voted for them. Thank you.

Ksenija Ilic