Aspen City Council on the edge of a cliff |

Aspen City Council on the edge of a cliff

To Aspen City Council regarding Elizabeth Milias’s commentary on Aspen-Pitkin County Housing Authority, I am supporting her 100% (“The housing fix is in,” commentary, Jan. 2, 2022, The Aspen Times).

Read no further if your mind is already made up on this. In my humble opinion, it is beyond stupid to put 400-plus more cars onto Highway 82 at an already-failed entrance to Aspen at Burlingame/and the lumberyard. We need to hold current Mayor Torre accountable for his swing vote on council back in the day that allowed cars at the initial Burlingame, which was originally proposed without cars!

Fortunately, we have developed a thriving midvalley community with many jobs available to those workers who would have previously driven to Aspen from Rifle or points beyond. Are you surprised by the current severe employee shortage in Aspen? I am not as I wrote a letter to the editor predicting this when Burlingame was built despite the opposition from the Aspen School District.

This worker shortage will be further increased with the Tree Farm development, etc. Aspen is continuing to shoot itself in the foot by providing housing to those who do not work in the Aspen area anymore, who have empty bedrooms per Elizabeth’s article that are subsidized by the community. By making it ridiculously difficult to even get into town — 40 minutes from Buttermilk to Aspen (3 miles) is becoming the norm. Why stress yourself out? Live and work in the midvalley. You may make a little less per hour but count the cost of the stress and you figure it out, Aspen City Council.

You are not going to build your way out of this. It will not be solved by depriving people of their free-market property rights. Pay attention to what Elizabeth is saying. You are piloting a disaster.

Bronwyn Anglin


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