Aspen City Council needs to walk its housing talk |

Aspen City Council needs to walk its housing talk

Interesting. Reading today how Aspen City Council is looking to juice up their efforts to create more employee housing (“Aspen City Council advances affordable housing efforts,” Dec. 7, The Aspen Times). Running parallel to that in my head is that the old city hall is sitting semi-dormant currently. Wouldn’t it be nice if the council took a big gulp of the Kool-Aid they are mixing up and doubled down by turning it into a mixed-use building with some bedrooms in it?

It seems to me that would go a long way into the future for solidifying any quest for success supporting our community. The building is owned, the location is beyond perfect, and the time until it could be usable speaks of now, not decades into the future. The current direction to turn the armory into more commercial space for space for community groups is the easy path to walk. Time for the city council to put our money where their mouth is. Talk about setting an example; just sayin’.

Mike Haman