Aspen City Council moves slower than daily traffic jams |

Aspen City Council moves slower than daily traffic jams

OK, here we are in August. The summer is half gone. There is a traffic jam every day going into and out of Aspen. Cars are sitting idle or inching along, spewing emissions into the air. And our city councilors are doing absolutely nothing about it. Except for our mayor, who has sworn not to have any solution by precluding any solution over the Marolt Open Space.

This is absurd. We have a major problem. It is the duty of the council to find and implement a solution.

Two things must be done. The roundabout must be redone. We cannot have a three-street merger going 10 miles an hour at best leading into Aspen. I have proposed an overpass allowing Highway 82 traffic nonstop access over the roundabout.

But something must be done.

Also, the two-lane bridge must be replaced or another bridge built. We cannot have only a two-lane entrance. I have proposed another road and bridge be built from Cemetery Lane over Marolt straight into Aspen as a one-way in. And then the existing road can be a one-way out.

Another solution would be to have three lanes with the center lane switching at mid-day from in to out, so there would be two lanes each way during the heavy traffic hours in and out.

But to sit and do nothing simply not acceptable.

Eric Simon

Snowmass Village