Aspen blows its money like drunken sailors |

Aspen blows its money like drunken sailors

Our Vice President Mike Pence’s high-priced fundraiser made front-page news for the cost of its necessary security protection. It’s front-page news because it infuriates liberals.

As a stalwart conservative, I would reply with this — Hillary Clinton’s fundraisers were just as expensive and nobody seemed to mind about that.

More importantly, let’s bear in mind that our local government leaders are already frittering away our tax dollars like drunken sailors. Ten-thousand to $20,000 of security expense for our vice president is a spit in the bucket compared with the cost to us taxpayers of:

1. The extravagantly planned $20 million-plus new government office building

2. The frivolous expenditure of $50,000-plus for the new Aspen government logo

3. And even worse, the bottomless pit expense of the ever-expanding multi-billion-dollar inventory of taxpayer-subsidized employee housing

Let’s stop with all this seemingly sensible bike-to-work stuff and be real about our collective responsibilities. Let’s build a second bridge over Castle Creek. It’s high time to do a good turn for the workers in our larger community, who are the unsung moneymakers who make our wonderful life here possible, and who get stuck in a daily traffic jam on their way from home to work and back in order to support their families and to serve our community.

Instead of spending $20 million on a new government palace or on more middle-class freebies, let’s invest in our economic infrastructure and secure our economic future.

John Hornblower

Snowmass Village