Aspen Art Museum stoked political flames

This is in response to Tony Sherman’s letter regarding the Aspen Art Museum, “A hatchet piece by Glenn Beaton.” (May 24, Commentary, The Aspen Times)

Watching Heidi Zuckerman get up at City Council public comment Monday night and tell us how great she is for about 15 minutes — when public comment is limited to three minutes for everyone else — is exemplary of what has gone wrong with this mess. You cannot put lipstick on a pig and sell it to old Aspen like it is OK. This building was wrong for Aspen from the start, and the only place it would perhaps be at home is the desert of Saudi Arabia, not on a beloved old corner of Aspen. I do not care nor do any of my friends care what awards are won when something is just wrong.

I love beautiful buildings and will support the rare one that comes along and stand against bad ones.

Zuckerman never tried to engage the core community when this was happening, and it was all about threats to then-Councilman Steve Skadron when he opposed it. This building is the main reason there has been so much insanity in local politics, starting with Referendum 1 in recent years. Aspen has always been heated politically, but never before has someone drawn the line in the sand so clearly.

Phyllis J. Bronson