Aspen Animal Shelter changes lives |

Aspen Animal Shelter changes lives

When I moved to Aspen, my parents signed me up for hockey. My first day on the ice was a disaster. I fell all the time, I could barely stand, I thought the other kids were making fun of me.

It was a really hard day.

I went home and hugged my dog, Paco … then everything went away. It was fine.

My family rescued Paco from an animal shelter. Since we got him, he has been my best friend. Like our last dog Bruno (Bruno died), Paco is always there when I need him. I want to make him happy too.

Friday is my birthday. I am turning 7. I asked my friends to give money to the Aspen Animal Shelter so Seth (Seth Sachson runs the Aspen Animal Shelter) can rescue more dogs and so that other kids can have what I have when I come home to Paco.

I want Seth to make all the animals happy. Also, people rescue them when you donate and the animals don’t have to be homeless, they also get food and a warm place to stay while they wait to be adopted.

Paco helped me play hockey. Because any hard day always ends up being OK. I like the hockey coaches too. They are nice and they help me. I hated hockey. Now I like it. It’s fun.

So please tell people to donate to the shelter. They make dogs happy and they make kids happy and they save dogs from being killed.

Some shelters have to kill dogs if people don’t take them after some period of time. I never want that to happen. I’m having my mommy ask my friends at my birthday party to give to the shelter. I hope other people do too.

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Leopold Freidheim