Aspen airport commission needs open minds |

Aspen airport commission needs open minds

It can be funny how long-held bias can never stop. We all carry internalized bias. I find the overall Aspen airport commission’s idea of widening the runway offensive to our community environmental values. This long-held value of ever-more fossil fuel consumption is killing “the canary in the coal mine,” and Generation X is getting upset; and the conspicuous, wasteful consumption of those private jets is offensive, too.

Offensiveness is limited to ideas and behavior. One of the keys to a good life, according to the great orator of all of the world’s religions, mythologies, and history is to have an open mind. Check out YouTube for “Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers” — the 50-minute conversations are profoundly enlightening and entertaining and you are going to sound smarter during dinner parties.

For the current level of commercial airline jet traffic, the waiting area for departing passengers is too small; this can be fixed. We are smart enough to do it. We need to value the environmental values of reduce, reuse and recycle. We don’t need a brand-new terminal building, we just need to remodel the current one; let’s save some money and spend it on something useful. It will be sufficient if we move that damn suburban lawn and the huge utility box that sits between the drop off curb and the terminal; the most valuable square footage isn’t utilized, who was the amateur who did that? Put a second floor over the middle and northern third of the terminal for more room than we need, it can be so much better.

Tom Mooney