Aspen airport, 737s not a good mix for the future

Dear friends,

Now that dealing with the Big Lie is coming to an end, I would like to address a misconception raised during the recent airport study that 737s were needed (at Aspen-Pitkin County Airport) because regional carriers would no longer have the right aircraft.

I will ignore the connection between General Dynamics and Gulfstream, maybe later.

United has just announced an order in conjunction with Mesa Airlines for 200 ES19s. United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby announced they have potential for 100 local routes with the new electrical vertical takeoff ES19. United participated in the initial $35 million startup with the Swedish Hearts Co.

This is a $1 billion purchase commitment and concurrent with that they have committed to 15 supersonic aircraft with a new startup and boom, the future is here, coming faster than we can realize. The 737 will never meet any safety standards so forget that, and now at the next boondoggle a new terminal must be put to rest. It might be nice. But not needed. Much love and happiness to all of you who still call Aspen home instead of a place.

Leslie Holst

Sarasota, Florida