ASE runway extension hardly a done deal |

ASE runway extension hardly a done deal

I am a member of the Aspen Airport Advisory Board and I want to clarify comments made in an article in the Aspen Daily News over the weekend. The Board of County Commissioners approved the ASE Vision Committee’s “common ground” recommendations with a number of changes throughout the document. One “caveat” was that since the decision on widening the runway would be much farther down the road, they want the final decision whether to widen the runway to be made with real-time information.

Things have already significantly changed with regard to operations at the Aspen airport since the ASE Vision recommendations were made. The BOCC will look at the uses of the airport, the current aircraft available to commercial airlines, and what innovations are on the horizon. I want to assure valley residents that there will be many, many discussions and decisions to be made before the final word on the runway. As an advisory group to the BOCC, we take our responsibilities very seriously and will be diligent in our recommendations. We represent the entire community from Aspen to Carbondale and we will do our best to be good stewards of the airport.

The public is always encouraged to make comments at our meetings, in person or via Zoom. We want to represent all voices in the valley.

Valerie Braun

Woody Creek