Ascendigo’s mission worthy, but proposed camp location is not

As a resident of Missouri Heights, I would like to share key points why many of us are opposed to Ascendigo’s development. Not a single person here is against autism services, or special camps for children.

The problem is this is the wrong location. Period. Our water supply is severely limited already. Ascendigo plans a recreational lake and needs water for up to 150 people daily. This is unsustainable. Traffic will increase by up to 450 cars/service vehicles a day on El Jebel Road, Fender Lane and Catherine’s Store Road. There will be negative impacts to wildlife, increased fire danger, and construction noise. Should there be a wildfire, the evacuation would be a nightmare from their one-way in dirt road. There is no second exit road access.

Ascendigo would not be contributing to the county taxes that support roads/ambulance/fire services. This project would create a permanent long-term change in the character of this quiet, rural neighborhood. There would be little oversight to expansions and their application lacks enforceable, transparent guidelines for future development.

Ascendigo’s development does not fit the established zoning rules and Garfield County’s comprehensive plan. In summary, everyone agrees that Ascendigo’s mission is worthwhile and their clients deserve a special facility. This is simply the wrong location for it. We believe finding a location on the valley floor with better access to water and all services, one protected from wind, and with better egress is more appropriate as well as safer for everyone involved.

Mike Ballard

Missouri Heights