Ascendigo’s facility will continue to help local children, families |

Ascendigo’s facility will continue to help local children, families

I enthusiastically support Ascendigo’s efforts to build an educational and summer camp facility on the White Cloud property in Missouri Heights. I have lived in this valley since 1994 and am a resident of Missouri Heights.

I have daughter with autism who has participated in the Ascendigo camp and received services with them for over five years. When she received her diagnosis, I began a long and sometimes lonely journey of trying to put together a system of support for her and our family. This effort was daunting given the remoteness or our area.

When we found Ascendigo, we found a welcome place of enthusiasm and joy for a child who can be very difficult to understand. When someone genuinely appreciates your child with challenging social needs, it’s like finding a needed hand to hold in a precarious place. Ascendigo was able to get Harper to engage in activities we never thought possible. One of her Ascendigo slogans is, “I am brave enough, I am strong enough, and I can do this.” For a person who requires a fair bit of support to move through this world, the enthusiastic expression of these words gives me hope.

I am confident the White Cloud property will be used in harmony with the landscape and nature of Missouri Heights. Ascendigo’s respect for relationships and people of all abilities, will no doubt translate into the efforts of being good neighbors. This property will be used for educational, therapeutic, and recreational purposes congruent with other ranches in the area. While being a year-round facility, the bulk of programming will be provided during the summer months with heavier flow days only occurring once a week for parent drop off and pick up.

This new location will provide a needed home base and Missouri Heights will gain a less developed land use site reflective of the values of the area and the pursuit of mind, body, spirit of our residents at large.

Frances Lewis