Ascendigo trying to will project through |

Ascendigo trying to will project through

There is something extraordinarily wrong with the attempt by Ascendigo to locate in Missouri Heights.

The officers and directors of this organization, by now, have been made painfully aware through a barrage of letters and a petition signed by over 600 residents, that their proposed commercial project is, without question, unwelcomed.

Why would this organization, which admittedly delivers truly empathetic services to a very needful community, simultaneously generate this level of egregious indifference to another community?

It appears that the leadership of Ascendigo is consumed by total denial. This is evidenced not only by their refusal to recognize their unwelcomeness, but by the immense challenges they would be facing — such as wind, water, traffic and fire evacuation, just to name a few.

This organization’s continued crusade is truly incomprehensible.

It is even more disturbing to think that their confidence in securing the approval they are seeking has been predetermined, as evidenced by their purchasing the property in advance of obtaining such approval as well as ignoring the tsunami of their rejection as set forth above.

I would hope they would withdraw this mistake without further unpleasantness.

Donald Flaks