Ascendigo should consider neighbors’ concerns |

Ascendigo should consider neighbors’ concerns

Many of us either grew up here and are witnessing massive change/growth or relocated to become part of a community that is very different than from where we came. The people drew us in, the authentic and compassionate neighbors so good that we can live halfway across the country from family. This community is our new family.

Many articles have been written about the dangers of Ascendigo moving into Missouri Heights, so I want to discuss the human component. This change in zoning will completely change the nature of why most of us have made this our forever-home. Sound travels significantly here and we all hear a dog bark at 1,000 yards. We’ve sought to escape the city lights, traffic, sounds. It’s rural and we appreciate the quiet.

To date, approximately 400 people have signed a petition stating this is not the right location for this project. Ascendigo, why not find a location where there will be no opposition, only happiness for your business?

This isn’t the first location you’ve attempted. Previous residents also successfully pointed out the stark inappropriateness of a commercial campus in a residential neighborhood. The appropriate location is closer to heavily used emergency services/amenities, designated for commercial/mixed use, like on the valley floor. If we lose the magic that makes our beautiful community special, then it won’t just be the people in Missouri Heights who are driven out. This town will be one step closer to the rest of America struggling with how to love their neighbors like themselves.

Please, do the right thing. The vast majority of your neighbors are telling you that we oppose this. We’ve come together to say no ( Despite the important work that you do, this is the wrong location for this project. Please listen to the protests and reconsider.

Natasha Soby


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