Ascendigo Ranch is a win-win for all

I am a full-time homeowner in Missouri Heights. Upon learning of the proposed Ascendigo Ranch educational facility, I was highly concerned! My lengthy list of concerns were promptly addressed by CEO Peter Bell and COO Dan Richardson by meeting me personally at the site.

Walking the property, having my questions answered and learning more of their “why” and vision was not only informative but refreshing. They have selflessly been available to myself and all of my neighbors to take phone calls, emails and even meet personally.

This meeting prompted my own countless hours of due diligence, and it is my opinion this educational facility should be approved. Children with autism are deserving to have a place that fits their special needs vs. a traditional camp. Missouri Heights is a safe and serene setting for them to thrive. This is a meaningful use of the land.

The conceptual plan displays low density use and blends well with the character of our neighborhood. There are existing non-residential uses in Missouri Heights that our neighborhood enjoys. I feel Ascendigo Ranch will enrich community spirit and gatherings.

Like the other non-residential uses that are already here, Ascendigo Ranch has taken great care in respecting our natural environment and surrounding neighbors. Although some improvements will be required, roads, fire protection, water, etc. are already in place.

This is not some big investment group coming into our community to destroy our rural way of life in Missouri Heights. Ascendigo has been in Carbondale for over a decade proving their commitment not only for autistic support but to our community as a whole. I respect the concerns of my neighbors; however, I feel it would be incredibly selfish to not welcome Ascendigo Ranch with open arms and see their vision become a reality. Investing in our youth and community is a win for all.

Michelle Ferguson-Cook

Missouri Heights