Ascendigo proposal not child-proof

At a recent site visit for the proposed Ascendigo development in Missouri Heights, a large group of concerned members of our community attempted to explain to the senior team from Ascendigo why we feel this proposal is wrong. We expressed many concerns, as have been outlined in detail by others in these pages. But we were not given any complete answers or remedies to our concerns. Instead, the CEO virtue signaled to all of us that we don’t care about children as much as he does.

I explained to him at the time that as a parent and physician with personal experience with children and young adults on the Autism spectrum, his comments were disingenuous and insulting. Every community member present has consistently expressed their support for the Ascendigo mission. As a result of this interaction, I fear it is the Ascendigo team that is showing disregard for the children in their haste to build their trophy project on this ill-advised site.

This large commercial development is being pushed despite serious concerns about fire risk and water availability. The site will have a single, poorly maintained dirt road as its only access and egress point. The potential for disaster is real and alarming.

I have walked this property. I know the area. I understand the lag time for emergency response and what happens during a fire evacuation (Lake Christine Fire). Based solely on my concerns regarding safety for the camp participants there is no way I would ever let my child attend this camp. Why would I agree this is safe for my community?

Mr. Bell, you are correct. It is, and always should be, about the children.

Joseph Nuzzarello