Ascendigo proposal incompatible with Missouri Heights

I attended the April 27 and May 1 tours of Ascendigo’s 126-acre development site along with 30 other Missouri Heights residents. Standing at the midpoint of the expansive area being proposed for development now, and in the future, (as the winds howled around us on April 27) and listening to the plans for the land use leads to a conclusion that the area is totally inappropriate for this proposed use.

I want to emphasize that my opposition to this project is not about who wants to develop the land, or the value of the services they provide, but instead about the intended use of the land itself. Make no mistake, the proposed use of this land is intense — more intense than the already permitted, platted and approved rural residential land use. Fifty thousand square feet of structures, more than 100 campers, staff, and guests will be on site every day during the May to September summer season and year-round programs. Anywhere between 210 and 450 vehicle trips every day (not to mention service vehicles, food supply trucks, refuse removal trucks); parking for 94 vehicles; up to 150 people for special events.

Having studied the documents and then listened to the explanations and answers to resident questions (which deviated significantly from prior statements and published plan documents), the applicant’s credibility and commitment to the community and its neighbors is in serious question. Many others have identified and commented upon the changing facts, the serious fire, water, light pollution and safety risks. If Ascendigo wants to be a good neighbor, as they claim, they would listen to their neighbors and place this camp in the valley, near transportation, utilities and safety support services, not in the rural area of Missouri Heights.

Bill Niro

Missouri Heights