Ascendigo proposal doesn’t fit in Missouri Heights |

Ascendigo proposal doesn’t fit in Missouri Heights

The Ascendigo development proposed for Missouri Heights is out of place and out of time.

We’re in a drought, the most severe in hundreds of years, only to get worse before it gets better. Scientists are alarmed by the speed at which their climate model projections are becoming a reality. They have been warning us for many years.

The Garfield County commissioners have a responsibility to the whole of Missouri Heights, not just one 126-acre parcel. The aquifer doesn’t stop or start at the property line, nor does the drought. Instead of approving a development requiring more water usage from Missouri Heights’ already limited supply (most have no irrigation water this year, myself included), they should be working first and foremost with Missouri Heights residents and Eagle County to develop a Water Resiliency Plan.

It is beyond time to employ the precautionary principle for our water supply. It well could be there is not enough water in Missouri Heights for any further development in the foreseeable future.

This is the kind of visionary, enlightened and courageous leadership we need for these times, not business as usual.

Sally A. Ranney

Missouri Heights

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