Ascendigo playing with fire

This concerned Missouri Heights resident wants to know why our Garfield County officials would consider risking their current constituents’ security for an entity that hopes to build the Ascendigo camp, an incompatible commercial facility in an unsuitable location.

Since 1980, I have lived on Missouri Heights and witnessed more fire and less water become Missouri Heights realities that are undeniable to those of us who reside here. Both conditions are intensified by steadily increasing winds. And currently, our winds are serious enough to make some outdoor activity unpleasant if not impossible. Residents are praying we don’t have another fire this summer.

In this local climate, Ascendigo is applying to build their 126-acre facility constructed as a camp whose campers include children. And safety is paramount with any camp. Why would Ascendigo put their own clients’ safety in jeopardy?

The potential adverse effects of this Ascendigo camp are many but the most threatening are risking water security (already strained) and increasing wildfire danger. Those are the facts.

Susan Cuseo

Missouri Heights