Ascendigo leaders remind community of facts

In response to various letters that have appeared in The Aspen Times during the past two months, please note the following corrections of fact:

• Ascendigo is not requesting new zoning. Garfield County staff rendered the opinion during the pre-application phase that our proposed use fits under the “Education Facility” land use, which is an allowed use, but one that requires approval by the Board of County Commissioners. This project will not change any zoning in Missouri Heights to commercial use.

• Missouri Heights is the ideal location for Ascendigo Ranch. We have engaged a team of local experts who are following industry standards to closely examine traffic mitigation, water usage, availability and storage, wildfire preparedness and land management. Our application details the availability of these resources, the infrastructure that is in place, and the improvements we will make to accommodate the development. Most important is that the autistic individuals we serve will thrive in the safe and serene setting offered in Missouri Heights.

• Increased traffic will be mitigated. Ascendigo’s traffic study completed by McDowell Engineering determined peak days vehicle trips will generate as many as 210 trips per day on Harmony Lane, not the 450 trips reported in the letters. Furthermore, Ascendigo’s planned use projects only 26 peak days per year, 20 during summer and six during non-summer. Traffic volume during non-peak time periods will be considerably lower than alternative uses including the development of a subdivision of single-family homes, estimated at 269 vehicle trips per day.

• Numbers matter. Maximum residential capacity will be 82 individuals (not 100-plus people). Proposed parking calls for 94 spaces dispersed across the 126-acre property in eight designated areas (not a parking lot for 100-plus cars). Our main basecamp building will have indoor-dining for 72 people (not a conference center or event venue that hosts as many as 250 people).

We encourage community members to visit our website at for more information.

Ascendigo management team