Ascendigo leaders keep changing the facts

In response to the “Ascendigo leaders remind community of facts” letter of April 27, it has been difficult for our residential community to get straight answers from Ascendigo about the project to create a very large recreation camp in Missouri Heights.

Ascendigo is now reminding our residential community of the “facts.“ They are in actuality ”changing facts.“ The original application document reference 450 daily car trips a day and it has now changed to 210 trips up through El Jebel to Upper Cattle Creek to Fender Lane. So, a fact change? And there will be 82 individuals, not 100-plus. Fact change?

And vehicle parking for only 94 cars and not 100. Another fact change? Through communication, Ascendigo leaders have now verbally referenced that this is only the first phase. So there is a second phase? Our question remains unanswered.

Ascendigo’s Instagram account states that “White Cloud is the future home of Ascendigo.” So new offices will be built and staffed year round and they will move from up from their Carbondale offices? It hasn’t been mentioned anywhere else that this is now going to be their “new home.” Unknown fact? Ascendigo is not seeking a zoning change but rather a land use permit change. Is this a fact? Don’t know.

When our community meets with Ascendigo leaders and asks for facts, we are getting more and more apologies of incorrect facts regarding the application. The submitted application was complete and encompassing. The application appears to have been professionally developed and read through and vetted many times by their “engaged team of local experts following industry standards” prior to submittal to Garfield County. I understand a tweak here or there, but all these significant fact changes are a big red flag. This is a fact.

Charles Bailey