Ascendigo facility would set bad precedent for Missouri Heights |

Ascendigo facility would set bad precedent for Missouri Heights

There have been several letters here over the last few weeks and months regarding Ascendigo’s proposed development of a facility in Missouri Heights. In addition to echoing the points put forward in the objections to the development, I am greatly concerned about the change in the zoning laws and the precedent it would set.

Ascendigo’s development will strain our limited water supplies, increase traffic well beyond what the roads were built for, create road repair needs (without them contributing taxes), heighten hazardous cycling and walking along our roads, increase fire dangers with lack of evacuation routes, interfere with wildlife, and increase taxes on services which residents, not Ascendigo must assume.

The area of the proposed development is zoned for 13 residential lots. If a commercial property is permitted to establish itself in Missouri Heights, it creates a precedent for further commercial development: A hotel? Restaurants? Commercial warehouses? One change in zoning could eventually open the area up to other zoning changes. Could apartment buildings be next? Once a precedent is set, there is no going back.

I am a great supporter of the mission and purpose of Ascendigo. I think the work they do is essential and praiseworthy. Our area, however, does not have the infrastructure for such a development and is not zoned for it. If the zoning of the area is changed to accommodate the proposed facility (at our residents’ great financial and change in lifestyle expense), little will be able to be done to stop further commercial development in Missouri Heights.

I ask the commissioners to vote no on this proposal.

Barbara Uboe

Missouri Heights

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