Ascendigo could lift Missouri Heights |

Ascendigo could lift Missouri Heights

First, let me say I do have an interest in the proposed Ascendigo Camp in Missouri Heights. My autistic 19-year-old daughter who can’t speak and requires 24/7 one-on-one care receives daily therapy through Ascendigo. She also attends camp for several weeks in the summer and no, we are not rich.

Ascendigo has a generous scholarship fund that benefits many families, including ours. There is a reason families bring their autistic kids here from all over the country. There is virtually no other place that offers similar high-quality support and experiences for the autism community. Ascendigo gives these kids the opportunity to do outdoor activities that would seem impossible without their specialized ability to make miracles happen. Skiing, horseback riding, river rafting, wakeboarding, etc. are things we never dreamed possible for my daughter.

I read the daily negative letters in the papers that seem never-ending and often repeated. If Missouri Heights is a barren, waterless, fire hazard, windswept wasteland, why does anyone live there? Should the elderly, disabled and children not be allowed to live in this dangerous area?

The Ascendigo property is a very large 125-acre site and I can’t imagine an already zoned 23-house development would be preferred, but then I think the negative letters would also flood in opposing that too. I guess Missouri Heights is just OK for the people who already live there.

Ascendigo is a beacon of hope and an amazing accomplishment for so many autism-affected families throughout the country, and right here in our community. Rather than attacking this project, I hope the whole Roaring Fork Valley can be proud to have this opportunity to do something truly special for so many kids and families in need in this beautiful place.

Robert Manning