Ascendigo camp would urbanize Missouri Heights |

Ascendigo camp would urbanize Missouri Heights

A wolf in sheep’s clothing is coming to Missouri Heights. Rural residential Missouri Heights is not a destination location like Aspen or Snowmass. So why should families who live here have our neighborhood turned into a destination resort camp proposed by the Ascendigo Autism Services Inc. development of Whitecloud/Harmony Heights Ranch?

On its website, Ascendigo Inc. extols a pastoral experience for people with autism; however, it ignores, disregards and disrespects the impact its vision and footprint brings to families who already live here.

Ascendigo proposes to redevelop 13 residential lots into a sprawling 126-acre year-round ranch campus that features a large lodge, separate staff lodge, guest cabins, caretaker house, equestrian facility, multiple barns, irrigated horse pasture, irrigated playing field, 80 to 90 parking spaces, and a 2-acre lake to accommodate 24 campers and 70-plus support staff.

How would you feel about having regular 150-person fundraising events in your backyard? Welcome to Whitecloud/Harmony Heights Ranch, to be set smack dab among our homes in Missouri Heights. Those fundraisers in our backyards are among the ways Ascendigo envisions financially supporting its recreational ranch facility.

This proposed redevelopment for a campus is not an appropriate fit with existing single-family homes in Missouri Heights. There is no issue between Missouri Heights residents and people with autism. There is an issue about preserving our rural, residential community from the intrusion of a quasi-commercial enterprise cloaked as an “educational” recreational campus.

Debra Hanson

Carbondale/Missouri Heights