Ascendigo camp not right for Missouri Heights |

Ascendigo camp not right for Missouri Heights

We have been in Missouri Heights for 30 years. Our home is on Upper Cattle Creek Road. Over the years we have witnessed a significant increase in traffic — cars, trucks, construction and garbage vehicles, cyclists, walkers/joggers. More people are using UCC Road for recreational purposes and it will assuredly become the main artery to and from the proposed Ascendigo development. That thought is frightening.

The Ascendigo property is in Garfield County, and they will make the final decision. But this is not simply a Garfield County matter. It will be an Eagle County problem since the property abuts the Eagle County line. Many residents have objected to the location of Ascendigo’s project. Those who live in the Eagle County portion of Missouri Heights adamantly oppose it. This is not NIMBYism. This is a matter of safety for all concerned, on both sides of the issue.

Missouri Heights properties are dependent on community or private wells. Drought conditions persist and the chance of wildfires is ever present. We were evacuated during the Lake Christine Fire. Since UCC Road was closed toward El Jebel, we had to drive north, go west over Fender Lane to Catherine Store Road, then south to Highway 82. We were bumper to bumper with cars, trucks, animal trailers and campers. It was very slow going. We were on alert in 2020 for another potential evacuation due to the Grizzly Creek Fire that threatened Missouri Heights, as did the Panorama Fire years before.

We also are very concerned about the change in character to our rural, quiet, residential area. Approving Ascendigo’s plan opens the floodgates to future commercial development. Getting permission for a commercial business was tried in Eagle County when a catering business/special events venue was resoundingly objected to and rejected. Ascendigo: great mission, wrong location.

Lisa Max Zimet and Philip Popkin