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Arthur for Snowmass Fire

As many of you have already seen in the paper, I am running for the Snowmass Fire board. As was stated in my bio last week, I was involved with the department for over 28 years and worked hard to make it a strong department filled with outstanding personnel dedicated to the safety of the citizens of Snowmass Village.

As was also noted in that article and bios, there are concerns that both Dr. Greg Balko and I have with where things have gone since the merger with Basalt Fire and the formation of the Roaring Fork Fire Authority. Reductions in staffing and some financial concerns top the list. Dr. Balko and I both feel that being on the board will allow us the opportunity to work with the administration of the authority to find the right balance of staffing to meet the safety needs of the Snowmass community with the financial stake that we have in the agency. I also want to remind people that these concerns are with how the agency is operating and not with the individual line firefighters. That group continues to be dedicated to the safety of all they serve and work to their highest capabilities with the tools that they are given.

I want to encourage all Snowmass voters to either vote in person at the Snowmass Fire Station on Owl Creek Road on May 3 or get an absentee ballot by contacting Susan Herwick at by April 26. Thanks for helping me work to ensure the safety of both the firefighters and citizens of Snowmass Village and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at

Scott Arthur

Snowmass Village