Art Daily: thoughtful leadership |

Art Daily: thoughtful leadership

The Daily family has been a part of the fabric of the community for years and our family since the birth of our eldest sons 20 years ago. Through preschool graduations, neighborhood parties, hockey, lacrosse games and other community events and celebrations, we have had an opportunity to experience first-hand Art’s love for this community and all of its residents.

We have always found Art to be a thoughtful listener, interested in consensus building. He possesses the ability to look at different sides of an issue and tease out the common elements. Then, from a place of common understanding, he is able to craft options which reflect the concerns and opinions of all stakeholders.

The Aspen community is best served by candidates like Art who address issues with open, thoughtful consideration for what is in the best interest of our community as a whole, and who have a vision for the future grounded in a considered past.

A vote for Art is a vote for solid leadership and thoughtful problem solving.

The Peirce family