Are we the virus? |

Are we the virus?

COVID-19 has been awful. Ruthless. It replicates itself faster than a blink. It is determined to kill and eat its prey (that’s us). It is destroying the environment in which we live by forcing us indoors and away from others.

It is making us fearful. It is reducing the number of its prey (again us). It makes us sick as dogs. It has become the apex predator.

How do we, homo sapiens, compare? Many think we are awful. But more to the point, we are often ruthless. We replicate way too fast in so many parts of the world that we are running out of space, food and water. We are determined to kill and eat our prey — cattle, fish, birds. We are well along in destroying our environment with our smog and waste and chemicals. We make each other scared to death. We are overfishing and overhunting so much that many species are disappearing. We make each other sick as unmasked dogs. And while we have long been the apex predator of the earth, we’d better find a vaccine pretty soon.

So who or what is the virus? Are we? Should we try to change our ways before we end homo sapiens’ reign on earth? Should we stop acting like a virus? Just asking.

Parker Maddux