Applauding Sen. Donovan’s stand |

Applauding Sen. Donovan’s stand

I attended the Senate’s discussion and final vote on the Extreme Risk Protection Orders bill (House Bill 19-1177) where I heard some legislators’ fears that the temporary removal of firearms could infringe on the rights of gun owners.

I was impressed by Sen. Kerry Donovan’s “yes” vote considering she herself is a gun owner. She reasoned that this law is moderate, limited and has safeguards against unfair removal of guns from citizens. This new law provides a means to protect those who feel threatened by family members who are struggling with personal issues and possess guns. A judge has to determine the credibility of the threat before removal of any firearms. Additionally, the person from whom the firearms were removed will be able to regain his/her personal property when an intervention shows that the threat has ended.

Sen. Donovan has experienced a backlash for her support of this bill; however, I appreciate her thoughtful consideration, and I believe the law will save lives. Thank you, Sen. Donovan, for your support of ERPO.

Larry Witlen