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Apology to fellow letter writer

I want to apologize to Wendy Kunkle for my response to her letter to the editor (“Paradise controls its destiny”). Although I don’t agree with some of her sentiments, her intentions were good and my anger should have been directed not to her, but to Paradise Bakery’s landlord, Andy Hecht.

Having been a tenant myself in Aspen with my store, Montecito, I have an understanding of the realities of the commercial real estate world in Aspen. I have a deep history going back to 1975 when I washed dishes at LaCocina, hence my sensitivity.

With all the changes we have all witnessed in Aspen, residentially or commercially over the years, much I have taken in stride with the understanding of the inevitable. This situation is different based on its location alone and there is no need for me to regurgitate all the reasons why. I think and hope that Andy comes around. Hopefully he will and Paradise Bakery will stay put.

Jim Polep