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Apologies over ARC letter, but justice system corrupt

I apologize to the managers and staff of the Aspen Recreation Center (“Heads should roll over Aspen Recreation Center closure,” letters, Sept. 9, aspentimes.com). I was angry and I was wrong. I have been under a lot of stress lately, and I have also been very rude to the police.

I fully retract the statements I made. Sorry!

What’s really bothering me is that my case for post-conviction relief has been sitting on Judge Seldin’s desk for almost six months. The state of Colorado is paying to have my Pitkin County conviction overturned, and the state does not take cases without merit.

One conviction, which I served a year in jail on, has been overturned. In the court document it is alleged that a Pitkin County judge and 9th Judicial District deputy attorney committed fraud in order to keep my attorney from submitting evidence in my defense.

I can understand that my attorney is asking a judge to rule against a peer. It must be very hard, if and when a case has merit, to follow the law instead of loyalty to a peer. The billionaires, their attorneys and patsies who are behind this are laughing at the judicial system and taxpayers. I lost everything. Sorry for being so angry.

Matthew Franzen