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APCHA a joke but nobody’s laughing

Here we go again! Elected politicians and unelected government employees have taken full control of the Aspen-Pitkin County Housing Authority (APCHA). Not only do the three “citizen volunteers” on the newly created APCHA board have no power, they aren’t even listened to. What a joke!

The latest news is that Mike Kosdrosky resigned his position as executive director over a long running salary dispute. I wish Mike well, but I’m sorry to see him leave. Mike is absolutely right that he was grossly underpaid in addition to not having a housing allowance. What a joke!

Oh, and did you know that Mike reported to Sara Ott, our Aspen city manager? And did you know that Ott asked for Mike’s resignation without consulting the APCHA board beforehand? See what I mean, the APCHA board as currently constituted is worthless. The politicians and unelected government employees are running our housing authority. What a joke!

Our public housing authority comprises nearly 3,000 housing units, divided between deed-restricted owned units and rental units. Thousands of our residents are affected by how this complex housing situation is managed (or not managed). Rules are being violated. Unqualified people are living in these units. Capital reserves for necessary upgrades, repairs and maintenance are nearly nonexistent. These issues have required policy and enforcement changes for years, and here we sit still waiting.

What a joke!

Pete Louras