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Answer these questions

Pitkin County is reporting that COVID-19 cases are on the rise. At the end of 2021, the Pitkin County Board of Health was providing a COVID-19 case count.

In the reports, the ratio of vaccinated versus unvaccinated cases were included. The ratio started out at a 2:1 ratio. Then it went to 5:1, then 10:1. The ratio approached a 15:1 ratio, and then the reports mysteriously stopped providing the vaccinated versus unvaccinated ratio.

Why? Now that the reports are recording increasing cases, what is the ratio of the vaccinated versus unvaccinated? What are the cycle thresholds that the PCR tests are being run at? It is known that the tests were being run at cycles that made the results questionable or unreliable. If this is really about health, why has the PCBOH not provided any recommendations to strengthen the immune system? Where are the suggestions to check vitamin D levels? Good nutrition? Stop eating sugar? Eat organic? Exercise? Detoxify? Brain health? Positive thinking? What have we learned from the last 2 ½ years?

Are we allowed to ask questions or is discussion being censored?

Tom Lankering


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