Another Trump-supporter-turned-victim |

Another Trump-supporter-turned-victim

I was not surprised to read Rick Carroll’s fine story concerning a valley resident (“Aspen business berated over episode owner says was falsely portrayed,” Feb. 1, 2017, The Aspen Times), one Katie Richter, who went on Fox News (We Report, We Decide) to allege that she was denied service at local framing shop because she voted for Trump, a dubious charge indeed (and a dubious vote).

At her request, the Times printed an intermittently coherent and always unhinged screed in which she accused “liberals” of harboring the qualities that Trump and his supporters have a monopoly on. The word “hate” recurs, and we are given to believe that Trump the hater is actually the victim of hate. In fact, the Katie Richters of the world are hellbent on having others see them as victims. Trump, the Lord of Misrule, is a past master at victimizing others while claiming victimization for himself.

If I say I was not surprised by Madame Richter’s intemperance it is because I have met its type many times in response to my blog. (You could look it up: Daily Disgust, on Facebook, Twitter and out in the wild blue yonder.) Two of my detractors purport to have ties to Aspen. One told me to “get off” of “my page” just after SHE “friended” ME. This is par for the hysterical course. Trump diehards tend to post in All CAPITALS and sometimes like a string of !!! Not literate, no, but a good tactic if you want to rule out reasoned dialog. The Trump deadenders like to post/rant about, not only hate, but “negativity.” It is understood that their Golden Idol is free of such deformities.

David Chamberlain