Another rebuttal to a previous rebuttal to another rebuttal, etc. |

Another rebuttal to a previous rebuttal to another rebuttal, etc.

The metaphorical unmasking of Comrade Verleger continues (“Covid attrition,” letters, Dec. 5, The Aspen Times). Two things to address here for our Denver-based Church of Covid elder:

1. Covid is very real. There is no denying it exists, but Phil and others who share his elitist worldview that people should be managed are infinitely more dangerous to humanity than a virus with a 99.97% survival rate.

2. The battle of ideologies has never been more clear: On one side are those who want to indefinitely suspend civil liberties as long as “experts” deem necessary and on the other there are those who believe in taking a more measured approach while respecting the sovereignty of the individual.

Reflecting on this and past exchanges with Phil, his dystopia is quite the magical place:

1. No questioning. “Experts” must be trusted even if their advice is inconsistent.

2. Do away with private patient-doctor relationships. Health decisions would be subject to government approval.

3. Vanquish civil liberties.

4. Lock away anyone who doesn’t agree with the above.

Phil actually appears to share the views of another Austrian from history who used an emergency to suspend basic civil rights.

Chase McWhorter


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