Another pitch for Mesirow |

Another pitch for Mesirow

It is my pleasure to endorse Skippy Mesirow for Aspen City Council just as it has been my delight to befriend and know this incredible, energetic and thoughtful candidate over the past few years.

I have much to say on the subject of Skippy’s ability to listen carefully and thoughtfully regard considerations before him as he and I have met and talked on numerous occasions regarding matters for Aspen Entrepreneurs and other professional involvements. If he brings a fraction of his many strengths to the office of City Council as evidenced in those encounters, then I am inspired to imagine living in a town as hopeful and pioneering as that believed in by Aspen’s founding visionaries. In my efforts to invite residents of Aspen to be involved (here I am referencing our posters and art encouraging voting!), I directly petition you not to be indifferent about voting your privilege. Your vote matters deeply. Your participation is critical to a functioning government locally and beyond. Don’t be indifferent. The great tragedies afflicting much of our hopeful planet does impact our charmed lives here. Thank you for considering my comments, and I hope I see you soon!

Michelle Kiley