Another ignorant rant by another Aspen columnist |

Another ignorant rant by another Aspen columnist

Glenn K. Beaton and Mick Ireland must be sleeping together in the same padded cell at the Pitkin County Jail because Beaton’s “Black embark on their fourth great migration” (Sept. 22, The Aspen Times) is pig slop like Ireland’s writings and all the other wacko white columnists in both Aspen newspapers when they use their sicko ink and misleading pens to write about American blacks.

Beaton, you are as pathetic as that dumb Canadian-born past Pitkin County Republican Party chairman. Time to put some facts into Beaton’s pea brain.

Every time the white Union generals freed my people during the war between the states (American Civil War), then stupid racist Abraham Lincoln gave orders to re-enslave them.

The white Union general said, knew and saw that their white soldiers couldn’t fight, so they ignored and disobeyed dumb Lincoln to enlist my people into the Union Army. We were 200,000-strong black Union soldiers with 400,000 black Union Army auxiliaries.

We, Gee Chees/Gullahs invaded the Confederate states from the Carolina islands and seized territory which signaled the white Confederates were goners. Even with 40,000 black Confederate soldiers, the white Confederates began losing ground faster and faster.

The battle cry of black Union Army troops was “Remember Denmark Vesey of Charleston!”

Denmark Vesey is my ancestor. The evil “The Citadel” was established to stop my people from whipping white supremacists because of Denmark Vesey’s insurrection planning and efforts.

White Southern Democrats and the white Dixiecrats increasing numbers began joining the Republican Party during and after Barry Goldwater’s failed Republican Party presidential run. Goldwater years before his failed converted years before from Judaism to Episcopalian, one of us Frozen Chosen.

Remember it was the American black man who stopped the American war machine in South Vietnam. The television news cameras showed Gen. William Westmoreland begging my people on the front lines to die in the race war against people of color.

By the way, there were many perpetual white slaves in America back then, too. They weren’t called indentured servants either.

Just a little bit for you to digest to free your mind so your a– will follow you. Choke on it!

Emzy Veazy III

Aspen and Burbank, California