Another feel-good measure by City Council |

Another feel-good measure by City Council

Tobacco is bad. It causes cancer and other nasty diseases. It (literally) stinks. Nobody should use it. The state of Colorado already regulates the purchase and use of tobacco. Why does Aspen always think it knows better?

The purely feel-good notion of raising the age for buying tobacco in Aspen is a textbook case of Aspen’s self-absorbed, hubristic City Council. Council members feel good by raising the age to purchase but not the age to consume. Huh? Their “expert” said the problem is early use, not early purchase. Council members feel good by encouraging tobacco users under 21 to buy tobacco downvalley. Or to buy it from older adults who are more than willing to become their pushers. Council members feel good by establishing yet another intrusive government program that will require more city office space and more city head-count to police. Some council members feel good haggling over $75,000 of tobacco tax revenue while having little understanding of how the other $120 million of city budget is spent. They feel good bringing in an “expert” proponent of raising the purchase age (the county medical officer) but no “experts” on the unintended consequences of this ill-advised idea.

We need serious change on this City Council. A few people with critical thinking ability would be a good start.

Maurice Emmer