Another biased column by John Colson

John Colson’s column last week (“How close are we to martial law?” Jan. 10, The Aspen Times) is yet another example of the subjective, one-sided, liberal ranting that many people fault the media for.

At best, he is a hypocrite — fanning the flames of fear by warning everyone of possible danger from the forthcoming administration after having criticized the president-elect for playing the fear factor during his campaign. At worst, Mr. Colson is a reactionary who further divides rather than unites people. He blames any and every social and political issue on the GOP and attributes every success to the Democrats. He rejects out of hand anything that does not fit his own narrow-minded view. He continues to pout over the election results and blame everyone except the losing candidate and party for their failure. In doing so, Mr. Colson does a disservice to the readers and owners of The Aspen Times and himself.

If he can’t be more objective and fair, he should stand down as a columnist and let someone else take his place.

Allan Bomersback