Anna Zane for the Aspen kids |

Anna Zane for the Aspen kids

As a parent whose children attend the Aspen School District, I ask all parents: Who would you trust in influencing your children? Would it be someone who has worked her whole life and gone through the system, or someone who also has kids of her own in the same district? For me, it’s a no-brainer. I have more faith in the mom “Anna Zane,” who has four children of her own going to the same school as my kids.

The last thing we need is someone to be voted in who is the system. Are you seeing what is being implemented and happening in school districts across our country, our state and nearby cities? Yes, Basalt and Glenwood have been infected; Aspen School District is not immune its knocking on our doors. I ask you, is that really what we want molding our beautiful young minds? Trust the system to influence our children? I think not, I hope not. I hope any logical parent would see that is not the solution.

We need to gut the system out — out with the old and in with the new! Anna Zane has my vote. She not only has served her community successfully, she wants to ensure we have the best teachers and staff, she is passionate about our children’s education, and most importantly she is a mom who wants what is best for her children, and now? If on the school board … our children.

As a concerned mom, I ask all voters in the Aspen School District who sincerely care about the future of our youths, to go out and vote for Anna Zane. She is someone who will truly have the back of our children. Isn’t that what really counts?

Tanya Levy