Ann Mullins seeks support for re-election

First, thank you to my supporters, donors and letter writers. I entered this campaign proud of what has been accomplished in the past four years, and I am looking forward to what can be done in the next four.

Aspen character: In my last term, City Council adopted the land-use code of 2017, the most comprehensive rewrite since the Aspen Area Community Plan was adopted. It closely aligns the code with the Aspen Area Community Plan, strikes a balance between resort and community, and is a code that will avoid the pendulum swings of the past. In my next term I will continue fighting to maintain Aspen’s uniqueness and character and ensure that our new code is doing all it is meant to do.

Our environment: In my last term we significantly reduced our carbon footprint, advocated for awareness of climate change, supported the carbon tax, implemented at our local level the Colorado Water Plan, initiated the river-management plan, expanded our storm-water management system, and Aspen Electric became 100 percent renewable. In my next term I will protect our water rights and advocate for responsible water management, continue to advocate for climate-change mitigation and awareness, keep our streams and river healthy, and support 100 percent renewable energy in new city buildings.

Transportation: In my last term we adopted the complete streets policy, introduced alternative forms of transportation, expanded the bicycle and pedestrian systems, alleviated parking in the core and completed Ruby Park. In my next term I will work for an efficient and effective transportation solution for Aspen and the upper valley that will begin to solve our congestion, transit and parking problems.

Our people: In my last term, City Council significantly increased the amount of affordable-housing mitigation required of development, we completed many units and have many more in the pipeline, and we supported the successful housing-credit program. City Council implemented the well-utilized Small Lodge Program, created the opportunity for small-business development in the core, and improved bike and pedestrian trail systems throughout the city. City Council helped fund heath and human services agencies and supported the hiring of the human services officer for the Aspen Police Department. In my next term I will continue to work with the health and human services agencies to identify and implement significant social well-being strategies for the city. I will support a comprehensive study of our housing program to streamline and improve our program. And I will continue to improve our bike, pedestrian, and open space systems.

Again, thank you for your support, and if you need to learn more about me, would like to see my responses to the “alternative facts” about me or just want to contact me, please visit

Ann Mullins