Ann Mullins gets it |

Ann Mullins gets it

Remarks made by several challenging council candidates show an embarrassing wobbliness in their leadership and conviction to protect Aspen’s water supply for future generations.

Ann Mullins understands that the water supply/storage debate is not an “either/or” about a dam. That is a sound-bite hyperbole. Colorado water law is complicated. But what is not complicated is that surging population growth on the eastern slope compels municipalities to search everywhere to tie up water sources. If we fail to defend our water rights, eventually Front Range municipalities will file on Castle and/or Maroon creeks and Aspen won’t have a seat at the table. Ann doesn’t think that is a risk worth taking.

Ann gets it. She has the common sense to put Aspen first and find appropriate water storage. It’s about making sure Aspen protects its recorded position. She is the candidate who already has voted to make sure that Aspen is sitting at the table — not knocking on the door to get back in because the city walked away.

It may seem like a conflict with the city’s environmental values, but it really isn’t.

Her holistic understanding of water storage and community environment goals will accomplish proper future water supply for Aspen’s next generations; protection of in-stream flows and elimination of structures that would degrade the Castle and Maroon valleys.

Ann gets it! Re-elect Ann. She has shown the common sense, understanding and vision that the community needs for its future.

Howie Mallory