Andrew Romanoff is best Democrat for senate seat

We need a climate champion in the Senate and his name is Andrew Romanoff. Behind the contested presidential primary is a lesser known battle for the future of our planet in the Senate Democratic primary of Colorado.

There has never been such a stark contrast between the centrist, John Hickenlooper, and a progressive leader in Andrew Romanoff. Hickenlooper was pressured into dropping his presidential bid to run for Senate by establishment centrists in Washington D.C. despite repeatedly saying that he didn’t want the job and was not made for the job.

Hickenlooper is a well-known fossil fuel sympathizer who has fought hard to keep fracking in our beautiful state, allowing extreme amounts of methane to be polluted into our air. Do we want Hickenlooper, someone who doesn’t care for the job nor shares our values?

Romanoff is fighting for a Green New Deal, Medicare for All and a more fair democracy. It’s clear that Romanoff is the change we need to see in our national government; someone who will fight for the working people of our state, not just fossil fuel executives. And he needs our help. Please go to his website to learn more, donate, volunteer and share.

Forrest Scharmer

Snowmass Village